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Non-profits have complex operations with donors, partners, boards, advisors, employees, and constituents. Pressure to optimize efficiency and maximize impact are intense. ADROSONIC is here to help. We believe that every organization deserves the opportunity to benefit from technology. We share your passion for making a difference in the world.

ADROSONIC has technology and non-profit expertise to help you overcome your challenges quickly and economically. We have delivered proven results to non-profits and are committed to your success.

Digital transformation enables non-profit organizations to efficiently manage vital data such as donor information, volunteer recruitment, fundraising operations, and funds distribution. Integrating all functions into a cohesive digital ecosystem enables you to focus on optimizing your operation and deliver more impact.

Some examples of the proven results ADROSONIC has delivered for non-profits:

  • Implemented a Partner Relationship Management system using Salesforce for Tata Trusts, one of the largest philanthropic institutions in India. The system is used to manage over 400 partners and an annual fund of $123m.
  • Created the e-commerce platform Craft Xchange that powers over 30,000 independent small businesses
  • Developed an application for Centre of Oncopathology, part of the Alamelu Charitable Foundation, to mitigate the extent of damage done by cancer in the 21st century. The mission is to deliver state-of-the-art cancer care to the needy across India.

Making a positive difference in the world is hard work. We’re here to help.

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We work with a varied group of clients who have a wide range of needs and objectives. Because of our strong core and technological experience, we can understand these diverse goals and customise solutions, enabling you to drive efficiency and growth. 

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