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The rewards of successful disruption are huge. But it’s not easy—you’ve got big challenges:
  • Pressure to grow—FAST!
  • Great engineers are hard to find and take time to bring up to speed
  • Using or interfacing with some legacy systems is unavoidable
  • To compete against the established players, you’ve got to be better, faster, and cheaper
  • With proven expertise, ADROSONIC hits the ground running and delivers results quickly. We use cutting-edge insurance technology solutions like robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), data management and analytics, CRM, and low-code platforms like INSTANDA to help you disrupt your segment of the insurance industry.
We focus on delivering business results and always start by understanding our customers business, challenges, and opportunities. We then use our expertise in technology, digital transformation, and the insurance industry to develop solutions that deliver business results. We are committed to your success. Examples of the proven results ADROSONIC has delivered for clients like you:
  • 8 years of experience with leading clients in the insurance industry, including brokers, MGAs and underwriters
  • For Tysers, contributed expertise in RPA, QA and application development to create Tysers’ Tconnect cloud-based platform designed to consolidate processes and automate the end-to-end life cycle of a policy
  • Automated processes such as Delegating Underwriting Authority (DUA), Claims Reconciliation, etc., for both Underwriters and Brokers
  • For Shipowners, automated filing of 336,000+ documents through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) resulting in savings of 6.4 person-years of effort
  • For Tysers, automated processing of 16,000+ statements yearly across 800+ customer accounts for clients and underwriters through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • For Hiscox, drove digital transformation of their insurance offerings, covering professional indemnity and office insurance across 20 industries covering over 600 professions
  • For Kudo, created the back-end app for agents and integrated the customer app, enabling customers to go through the entire policy lifecycle swiftly
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We create solutions tailored for your business that have a scalable impact on both costs and revenue.

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We work with a varied group of clients who have a wide range of needs and objectives. Because of our strong core and technological experience, we can understand these diverse goals and customise solutions, enabling you to drive efficiency and growth. 

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