E-Commerce and Retail

Provide superior customer experience with higher efficiency and lower fees 

E-Commerce & Retail

E-Commerce & Retail

The e-commerce and retail industries are undergoing widespread disruption with aggressive competition, rapidly evolving technologies, and ever-increasing customer expectations. You must compete against mega-retailers that seem to have limitless resources. What they don’t have is your passion and customer knowledge. ADROSONIC enables you to leverage world-leading technology to win against even the biggest competitors. We help you maximize efficiency and minimize service fees.

You need data insights so that you can respond quickly to the needs of your customers. You need systems that “talk” to each other (e.g., your e-commerce platform needs to integrate with inventory and supply chain management systems) so that you deliver on your promises to customers quickly and efficiently.

ADROSONIC created the e-commerce platform Craft Xchange that powers over 30,000 independent small businesses.

What We Do

We create solutions tailored for your business that have a scalable impact on both costs and revenue.

Our Clients

We work with a varied group of clients who have a wide range of needs and objectives. Because of our strong core and technological experience, we can understand these diverse goals and customise solutions, enabling you to drive efficiency and growth.

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